The American Lurcher Project


Thank you for your interest and most of all your support, so we can help these wonderful dogs. Without you, it wouldn't be possible.

Here you can have fun shopping in our webstore  make donations, post photos, videos, comments as well as check the calendar for upcoming events and transports. 

WE are a 501(C)(3) non-profit all volunteer organization. We depends on donations to pay for boarding and medical expenses so we help the American Lurchers find loving forever families.  Many of the dogs we rescue need urgent medical care.  Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE! You can also donate items for our store or the dogs and purchase items that 100% of the profits will go into an account for these dogs. Thank you sincerely for your donation and we hope you enjoy shopping with us.

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A Lurcher is not a specific breed, but rather a sighthound who has been bred with some type of hunting breed, e.g. Coonhounds, Pointers, Labrador retrievers. Most Lurchers are easily trained and many have a zest for obedience training. Like Greyhounds, they can be very active, but also enjoy their couch time. They are very loyal and loving to their humans. Many have had no training and may benefit from basic obedience classes as long s the trainer is very positive. Many of these dogs have lived their entire life outside and are not used to living in a house. They are very appreciative of a home and a soft bed.

An exciting movement is underway to save the American Lurchers.  The American Lurcher Rescue Project is a team of dedicated volunteers concerned about the plight of the American Lurcher – the underdogs of underground racing.  Our love for the retired racing Greyhounds has drawn us together to help the thousands of lurchers who have often been forgotten.  We hope to make a difference by helping them find loving forever homes through transport of these wonderful dogs to responsible adoption groups throughout the United States and Canada.  We are a young group, but have accomplished much since we started transporting needy lurchers to groups in September of 2013.

Mission of the American Lurcher Project:   The American Lurcher Rescue Project, Inc. (“ALP”) is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of racing lurchers and greyhound mixes.  We work hard to find responsible groups and/or homes when and, if appropriate, for retired racing lurchers and greyhound mixes that have been abandoned or no longer wanted.  The ALP transports lurchers to adoption groups in the United States and Canada, and often provides for medical care and temporary boarding.  We also raise awareness of the need for finding homes for the racing lurchers once their career has ended, through social media, networking, and the general support of a caring community.  

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To see a list of all the pups that have found their way to a forever home, rescue group or foster home: 

We are always looking for more people to help in the transporting of these pups, foster them, connecting them with a rescue group and of course the ultimate of finding them a forever home. Please let others know about all that we do.

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