American Lurcher Rescue Project Donations

100% of your donation will be used to help us with food, transportation, temporary boarding, emergency vet care, and other costs. 

We'll hide your name - unless you give us the okay to post it.  You can also post and donate in memory of someone special, for someone's birthday or other special day, or just any special reason - and we'll be proud to post your surprise for you! :D We also will post any challenges made between friends! ;) We can make helping, sharing and giving something fun to do. 

Any cash donations ARE tax deductible and are greatly appreciated and needed in order to bring this pups to a safer life and location. Donations go directly to the American Lurcher Rescue Project PayPal account. We wiill gladly provide you with a donation receipt. 

Thank YOU!


***If you would like to donate items for our auction or to list on this webs store, please email us at [email protected]



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Completed Campaigns
  1. 2015 Medical Fund
  2. 2015 General Fund
  3. 2015 Transportation Expenses
  4. Medical Costs for Molly the Coonhound
  5. Medical Expenses for Kit
  6. Toy Fund
  7. General Fund- Food, blankets, etc
  8. General Fund - Transportation Costs
  9. General Fund - Medical Costs

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