The American Lurcher Rescue Project, Inc. (“ALP”) is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of racing Greyhound lurchers and Greyhound mixes. 

In order to raise money for our boarding and medical expenses, we often do fundraisers throughout the year.  Many of the dogs that we take into our program are injured and/or need treatment for tick disease and parasites.

If you would like to donate an item to our auctions, we accept electronic pictures of the item – include description, starting bid, and shipping costs in the United States or the item(s) can be mailed to:  

American Lurcher Rescue Project, Inc.

11675 Council Lane

Gulf Shores, AL   36542

Thank you very much for considering us.  

IRS EIN # 47-1938704

We'll be having a little fun and having a variety of items up for bid or quick sale on our facebook page. Be sure to keep checking back - you never know when something new will be added!

Fundraiser Events: (If none listed - keep checking back)  

There’s a story about a man that stood on the beach of a thousand starfish and threw them back in one at a time. When ask why he did that because he could never save them all – he just said simply – I can’t save them all because I can do something- even if it’s saving one at a time. Sometimes it’s the simplest action that ends up doing the most.  Even before we became a 501c3 ALP rescued 200 dogs with expenses for medical, food, transportation and more exceeding $15,000.  Now that we are a 501c3 we plan on trying to rescue more dogs and connecting with groups to help them get to their forever homes. At the same time we expect our expenses may go over $30,000. So while that sounds like a lot, remember the star fish and what just $1 can mean. Together we can bring families together – one paw, one treat a time.


We invite you today to join us to help save a Lurcher and support the team. What is a Lurcher? That seems to be out for debate depending upon where you live. Keeping it simple – a sighthound mix, usually with some greyhound. With all the designer dogs out there these days, that might fit here – a designer greyhound.

Every one person can do something to help, every one dollar can do something to save, every one dog depends upon you.
Be the one.



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